Alcohol Specifications

United States of America


Fuel Ethanol

The American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.) have established a standard D4806-98 for "Denatured fuel ethanol for blending with gasoline, for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel", which is generally accepted throughout the industry. For full details and test procedures, reference should be made to the standard, which is available from A.S.T.M.


1. Ethanol, %v/v: 92.1 min.
2. Methanol, %v/v: 0.5 max. (5,000 ppm)
3. Water, % v/v:
1.0 max. (10,000 ppm)
4 Solvent-washed gum, mg/100ml:
5 max. (50 ppm)
5. Chloride ion, mg/L:
40 max. (40 ppm)
6. Copper content, mg/kg:
0.1 max. (0.1 ppm)
7. Acidity, as acetic acid, %w/w: *
0.007 max. (70 ppm)
8. Appearance: Visibly free of suspended or precipitated contaminants (clear and bright).
9. Denaturant:
A minimum of 1.96% v/v, and a maximum of 4.76% v/v of natural gasoline, gasoline components or unleaded gasoline.

* Note: There was an error in the original standard. It stated "mass % (mg/Litre)" which are not the same units, whereas the relevant analytical method specifies "%w/w."

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