Alcohol Specifications


Singapore Productivity and Standards Board

Standard SS 110:1974 (Current as of July 2000)

Specifications for Ethanol
(Suitable for Industrial Purposes)

1. Description: The ethanol shall be clear and free from matter in suspension, and shall contain at least 90 % ethanol by volume. (The actual strength shall be subject to agreement between purchaser and vendor).
2. Characteristics:  
  Parameter Specification
  (a) Miscibility with distilled water Showing no opalescence
  (b) Relative density at 20/20C 0.8306 maximum
  (c) Color  Passing specified test
  (d) Residue on evaporation 85 p.p.m w/v maximum
  (e) Acidity, as acetic acid 45 p.p.m w/v maximum
  (f) Aldehydes and ketones, as acetaldehyde 830 p.p.m w/v maximum

Note: This data is extracted from the official English version of the Standard. Reference should be made to the original Standard for details of the test procedures.

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