Alcohol Specifications

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Standard SSA 940:1994

Specifications for Industrial Ethanol


  Parameter Specification
1. Appearance Clear and free from suspended matter or sediment.
2. Color in Hazen Units 15 maximum
3. Ethanol content by volume at 20C 94.7% minimum
4. Residue on evaporation,
on weight basis
0.005% maximum (50 p.p.m)
5. Miscibility when diluted 1:19 by volume with water Showing no opalescence
6. Alkalinity to phenolphthalein Negative
7. Acidity, as acetic acid,
on weight basis
0.005% maximum ( 50 p.p.m)
8. Carbonyls (aldehydes and ketones) as acetaldehyde, on weight basis 0.1% maximum (1000 p.p.m)
9. Permanganate time 15 minutes minimum
10. Methanol content,
on a volume basis
0.05% maximum (500 p.p.m)

Note: This data is extracted from the official English version of the Standard. Reference should be made to Standard SSA 939:1994 for details of the test procedures.

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