Alcohol Specifications


Malaysian Standard MS 645:1980

Specifications for Industrial Ethanol

1. Description: The ethanol shall be clear and free from matter in suspension, and shall consist, apart from water, essentially of ethanol, C2H5OH.
2. Characteristics:  
  Parameter Specification
  (a) Miscibility with distilled water Showing no opalescence
  (b) Relative density at 25C 0.811 minimum
  (c) Color in Hazen units 15 maximum
  (d) Residue on evaporation 100 p.p.m maximum
  (e) Alkalinity Negative
  (f) Acidity, as acetic acid 50 p.p.m maximum
  (g) Aldehydes and ketones, as acetaldehyde, on weight basis 1000 p.p.m maximum

Note: This data is extracted from the official English version of the Standard. Reference should be made to the original Standard for details of the test procedures.

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