Alcohol Standards


Ashok Organic

Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol


1. Appearance: A clear, colorless, volatile liquid from free from foreign particles.
2. Odor: Characteristic and spirituous.
3. Miscibility: Miscible with water, ether and chloroform.
4. Identification:
  (a) Reaction with sodium hydroxide and iodine:

A yellow precipitate is produced.

  (b) Filter paper moistened with sodium nitroprusside
and piperazine hydrate:

An intense blue color is produced.

5. Specifications:
  (a) Acidity as acetic acid, w/v

< 20 p.p.m

  (b) Density @ 20C

< 0.7900

  (c) Aldehydes as acetaldehyde, w/v

< 5 p.p.m

  (d) Esters as ethyl acetate, w/v

< 30 p.p.m

  (e) Methanol, w/v

< 5 p.p.m

  (f) Higher alcohols as isobutanol, w/v

< 5 p.p.m

  (g) Non-volatile residue, w/v

< 50 p.p.m

  (h) Water content, % w/v

< 0.08

  (i) Permanganate time, minutes

> 20

  (j) Ethyl alcohol assay, % v/v

> 99.9

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