Alcohol Specifications


Ghana Standard GS 104 - 1991

Specifications for Whisky


1. Definitions (Verbatim): (a) Whisky: An alcoholic liquor obtained from the distillation of fermented grains such as barley, maize or rye.

(b) Malt whisky: The alcoholic distillate produced from fermented mash of malted or unmalted cereals or a mixture of both, and possessing flavor derived from natural volatile principles already present in the cereal or formed during fermentation.

(c) Scotch whisky: The alcoholic liquor made from special barley using peat wood for distillation, and aged in special types of oak which impart a special flavor.

(d) Compounded whisky: The alcoholic liquor produced by adding demineralized water to potable alcohol and whisky concentrate obtained from an alcoholic distillate of cereals.

(e) Essence-flavored whisky: The alcoholic liquor produced by adding demineralized water to neutral alcohol and then flavored with whisky essence or flavor.

2. Description: Whisky shall be a clear liquid, free from all matter foreign. It shall not contain any food additives, except caramel in the compounded and essence-flavored whiskies.
3. Analytical requirements for Whisky:


Test Method
GS 404
Clause No.

  1. Alcohol content, percent volume at 20C, minimum


Clause 2

  2. Total solids, percent weight, maximum

0.2 (2000 p.p.m)

Clause 3

  3. Ash content, percent weight, maximum

0.02 (200 p.p.m)

Clause 4

  4. Esters, as ethyl acetate, mg/litre, minimum
(a) Essence-flavored whisky
(b) Other whiskies

5 (5 p.p.m)
200 (200 p.p.m)

Clause 5

  5. Volatile acids, as acetic acid, mg/litre, maximum

400 (400 p.p.m)

Clause 6

  6. Aldehydes, as acetaldehyde, mg/litre, maximum
(a) Essence-flavored whisky
(b) Other whiskies

4 (4 p.p.m)
90 (90 p.p.m)

Clause 7

  7. Furfural, mg/litre, maximum

50 (50 p.p.m)

Clause 8

  8. Methanol, percent volume, maximum

0.03 (300 p.p.m)

Clause 9

  9. Copper, p.p.m, maximum


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