Alcohol Specifications


Ghana Standard GS 155 - 1993

Specifications for Potable Spirit


1. Description: A clear, colorless, homogenous liquid, free from suspended matter, and consisting, apart from water, essentially of ethanol, C2H5OH.
2. Odor and taste: The spirit shall be free from any uncharacteristic aroma and shall have a neutral taste.
3. Analytical requirements:


Test Method
GS 157
Clause No.

  1. Ethanol content, percent by volume at 20C, minimum


Clause 2

  2. Total acids, as acetic acid, in mg/litre, maximum

7 (7 p.p.m)

Clause 6

  3. Total aldehydes, as acetaldehyde, in mg/litre, maximum

4 (4 p.p.m)

Clause 7

  4. Furfural content, maximum


Clause 8

  5. Methanol content, percent volume, maximum

0.3* (3000 p.p.m)*

Clause 9

  6. Permanganate time, in minutes, minimum


Clause 10

  7. Miscibility in water

Completely miscible

Clause 11

  8. Fusel oil content, maximum


Clause 12

* There appears to be a typographical error in the original standard for the methanol content. The figure quoted in the Potable Spirit Standard is "0.3%", whereas the figures quoted in the standards for gin, whisky and brandy (made with the same potable spirit), are all "0.03%".

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