Alcohol Specifications

People's Republic of China

State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Standard GB/T 394.1-94 (Current as of October 2000)

Ethanol for Industrial Use

1. Scope of Standard: This standard shall apply to hydrous ethanol for industrial use, which has been produced by the fermentation of grains, potatoes or molasses. It does not apply to ethanol for beverage use, covered in Standard GB 10343:89. 
2. Classes: This standard covers four grades of industrial ethanol, namely:
Grade 3.1 Excellent grade
Grade 3.2 First Class grade
Grade 3.3 Standard grade
Grade 3.4 Crude ethanol grade
3. Requirements:      


    Grade 3.1 Grade 3.2 Grade 3.3 Grade 3.4
  (a) Appearance Transparent liquid Transparent
Primrose liquid
  (b) Color, maximum No. 10 10 10 -
  (c) Odor and taste No foreign odor or taste No foreign odor
 or taste
No foreign odor
 or taste
  (d) Ethanol content, Percent v/v, minimum 96.0 95.5 95.0 95.0
  (e) Sulphuric acid test, maximum No. 10 80 - -
  (f) Permanganate time, minutes, minimum 30 15 5 -
  (g) Aldehydes, as acetaldehyde, mg/litre, maximum 5 30 - -
  (h) Fusel oil, as isobutanol plus isoamyl alcohol, mg/litre, maximum 10 80 400 -
  (i) Methanol, mg/litre, maximum 800 1200 2000 -


  (j) Acidity, as acetic acid, mg/litre, maximum 10 20 20 -


  (k) Esters, as ethyl acetate, mg/litre, maximum 30 40 - -
  (l) Non-volatile residue, mg/litre, maximum 20 25 25 -



1. All test methods are in accordance with GB/T 394.2 "General testing methods for alcohol".

2. Parts per million (p.p.m) figures have not been inserted as in the other standards, because the mg/litre figures are, in fact, parts per million on a weight/volume basis.

3. This data is extracted from a translation of the original standard in Chinese. Reference should be made to the original standard to authenticate any details.

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