Alcohol Specifications


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Specifications for Grain Neutral Spirits


Parameter Specification Test method
1. Ethyl alcohol, v/v % 96.4 % minimum Hydrometry
2. Odor and taste Characteristic Organoleptic evaluation
3. Appearance and color Clear and bright USP method
4. Acidity (as acetic acid) 1 p.p.m maximum PRC standard
5. Aldehydes (as acetaldehyde) 1 p.p.m maximum G.C. method
6. Esters (as ethyl acetate) 1 p.p.m maximum G.C. method
7. Methanol 5 p.p.m maximum G.C. method
8. Fusel oil (as isoamyl-alcohol+
isobutanol+ N-propanol)
1 p.p.m maximum G.C. method
9. Permanganate time 35 min. minimum USP method
10. Non-volatile matter 15 p.p.m maximum PRC standard
11. Sulfuric acid test 10 maximum PRC standard
12. Heavy metals Non detectable USP method

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