Alcohol Specifications


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Ethanol 95 Standard Grade - Export  (Code: 95 SG-Export)
(Undenatured Ethanol)

Parameter Specification Test method
(a) Description Clear, yellow, volatile liquid, hygroscopic, miscible with water and with methylene chloride, free from matter in suspension and apart from water, consisting essentially of ethanol BP 2002
(b) Strength 95.8 - 96.2% v/v at 20C BP 2002
(c) Specific gravity 0.8079 - 0.8096 at 20C/20C BP 2002
(d) Water content 6.46% by weight (max.) CSR AP-27
(e) Clarity of solution Dilution of 1 ml sample to 20 ml water should remain clear and colorless after 5 minutes BP 2002
(f) Odor Spirituous, with a typical molasses-based ethanol odor. No uncharacteristic chemical odors perceptible CSR AP-06
(g) Acidity 0.005% w/w (max.)
(1.67 ml of 0.01N NaOH)
BP 2002
(h) Alkalinity Alkalinity to Phenolphthalein - nil BP 2002
(i) Volatile impurities


BP 2002

Ethyl acetate

 10 mg/100 ml (max.) (100 p.p.m)
5mg/100 ml (max.) (50 p.p.m)
10 mg/100 ml (max.) (100 p.p.m)
10 mg/ 100 ml (max.) (100 p.p.


(j) Non-volatile matter 5 mg/100 ml (max.) (50 p.p.m) BP 1973
(k) Permanganate time (reducing substances) 15 minutes (minimum) BP 1973

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