Alcohol Specifications


Farmacopeo Nacional Argentina - Sixth Edition 1978

(Translated from Spanish. Reference should be made to the original Spanish version for authenticity.)

Absolute Alcohol (Alcohol aethylicum dehydratum)

(a) Definition: Contains not less than 99.0% w/w, or 99.4% v/v (at 15°C) of ethanol.
(b) General characteristics: Colorless, mobile, transparent, volatile liquid, with a characteristic pleasant odor and a burning taste. It is very hygroscopic and flammable.
(c) Specific gravity: Not greater than 0.7973 at 15°C.
(d) Refractive index: Between 1.3614 and 1.3618 at 20°C.
(e) Limit of water content: Shake 10 ml of alcohol in a stoppered flask with 0.5 ml of anhydrous copper sulphate. There should be no blue coloration.
(f) Other properties: Absolute alcohol should comply with the other requirements described under "Alcohol."

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