Links to web pages  of small-scale distillery & pot-still manufacturers, and related information

Note on our policy regarding links: We welcome additional links, for which there is no charge. However, we should emphasize that we are seeking links to distilleries and fuel-ethanol plants which are of interest to distillers and other technologists in the industry. So, we do not put links to sites which do not give photographs or some information on their production process, such as the marketing sites of major distilling companies and the "virtual liquor-store" sites of some small distilleries, which just have pricelists and photographs of bottles.

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We do not endorse the manufacture of home-alcohol production or "moonshine."
It is illegal to distill alcohol without a license or permit. Check with your country's licencing authorities for the proper permits.

American Distilling Institute - Publishes the American Distiller newsletter which promotes distilling and discussions about distilled beverages
  Burning Still - Website serving the craft distilling industry.

Colonol Wilson's Copper Moonshine Stills
- Based in Arkansas, USA. Custom handcrafted copper moonshine stills.


Diversified Ethanol Corporation
- Based in Minnesota, USA. Designs and manufactures small scale (5 million gallons per year) continuous-operation ethanol plants using existing liquid wastes from breweries, beverage recycling and food processing facilities as feedstock.

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