Distillery / Fuel Ethanol-Related Services and Suppliers

AccuStandard Inc. - Supplier of 27,000 chemical reference materials for Organic & Inorganic analysis
AdvanceBio - Brings together a group of experienced, skilled, professional consultants under one company to provide services, technology and vision to the growing biofuels industry and emerging biochemical sector
Advanced Cryogenics Ltd - Consultants on CO2 recovery and suppliers of new and used equipment
Air Compressors - Search for a variety of suppliers using the IQS Directory at Industrial Quick Search Inc.
Air Liquide (formerly Cardox) - Processors of carbon dioxide
Air-o-lator - The ultimate in floating aerators for waste-treatment ponds
Alfa Laval - Manufacturer of separators, centrifuges, heat exchangers, etc.
Alfa Laval India - Manufacturer of distilleries, using single-fermenter, continuous-fermentation technology
American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.) - For standards for fuel ethanol
American Type Culture Collection  - For the supply of authentic cultures of yeast strains, etc.
American Chemical Society

Anton Paar  - The density company, for density and concentration measurement equipment

API Schmidt Bretten - A division of API Heat Transfer Inc. For the potable distillery industry: heat exchange equipment, both tubular and plate types, evaporation process equipment such as evaporators, pasteurizers, etc. Operating from three manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe.
ARCHON Industries Inc. - Manufactures sight glasses for distillation columns and offers accessories such as window wipers, spray washers and lighting units. - Supplier of process measurement and control equipment
Badger Meter Inc. - For flow measuring equipment. "You can't manage, what you can't measure"
Bailey, Fischer & Porter Company (now part of ABB automation) -  For Bailey controls and F&P flow meters
Baltimore Aircoil - Manufacturers of cooling towers
The Barrel Company - For all your new and used oak barrel requirements.

BBI International Inc.
- Feasibility studies, market analyses, organizer of the annual National Ethanol Conference, publisher of the monthly Ethanol Producer Magazine, distillery staff recruiting services.
BetzDearborn (GE Water Technologies) - Water treatment chemicals
Biocon Española S.A. - Barcelona, Spain. Producing a range of amylase enzymes for distilleries and fuel-ethanol plants using grain.
Boerger Pumps (Börger GmbH) - Germany. Manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and macerators for distilleries, sugar mills, etc.
B.O.C. Gases "The most global of any company in the industry." - Processors of carbon dioxide.
B&P Process Equipment - Manufacturer of centrifuges, decanters, mixers, etc.
Brady Corporation - For pipe-identification labels, safety signs, etc.
Burns, Philp and Company - Producer of Fleischmann's Distillers Yeast at various worldwide locations.
Bush Boake Allen - A leading manufacturer of high-quality essences and flavorings for liqueurs
Butterworth Inc. - The most recognized name in tank cleaning equipment 
Brandt/South-West division of Varco International - Manufacturer of horizontal decanting centrifuges, with repair service and parts for all makes of horizontal decanting centrifuges 

Broin and Associates Inc.
- "The Leader in Ethanol Technology." Designing and constructing fuel-ethanol plants
Cameron Compression Systems - (formerly Cooper Cameron) is a world leading manufacturer of centrifugal oil-free air compressors
Canadian Liquids Processors Ltd - Provides environmentally-responsible product destruction for a variety of sugar- and alcohol-based liquid goods by converting these into ethanol, while the packaging is recovered and recycled.
Carbis Inc. - Tanker-loading stations
Cashco Inc. - Manufacturers of Dahl alcohol-sampling valves, control valves and regulators
Cemcorp Canada - "Customized Engineering Excellence". Designers of distillation systems
Centrifuges - Search for a variety of suppliers using the IQS Directory at Industrial Quick Search Inc.
Chemineer Inc. - Manufacturers of Kenics static mixers for molasses  dilution, etc.
Chem Service Inc. - Suppliers of analytical standards for gas chromatography etc.
Cleveland Eastern Mixers - Supplying a very wide range of mixers, including static mixers, bulk drum mixers, side-entry agitators, etc.
CMC Letco Ind. - Manufacturers of stainless-steel process tanks.
Cole-Parmer - Laboratory equipment suppliers
Colt Technologies Inc. - Texas, USA. Manufacturer of VOC-control equipment and systems. Regenerative thermal oxidizers.
Conger S.A. - Piracicaba, S.P., Brazil. Designer and fabricator of distillation equipment.
Continental Disc Corporation - Makers of rupture discs for distillation columns and other pressure vessels.

C-Tech Corporation - Manufacturers of denatonium benzoate bittering agent for denaturation of alcohol
Davenport Machine Co. - Makers of DDG drying equipment
DCI, Inc. - Manufacturer of stainless-steel storage and processing equipment
DCL Yeast - U.K. Producer of active dry yeast for distilleries worldwide
Dedert Corporation - Evaporators, screw presses, dryers and spent grains conveyors
Dehydrators For Less - MacWelch L.L.C. - For user-friendly molecular-sieve ethanol dehydrators
Determan Brownie - Manufacturers of top or bottom-load ethanol systems with digital meters and electronic temperature compensation
Dick Engineering Inc. - Serving the process industries since 1969
Du Bray and Associates - Purchasing agents. Discover how to make overseas purchasing cheaper, faster and easier. Able to supply brand name heat-exchanger gaskets and numerous other items at reduced prices
Durco Pumps - Superior quality pumps, valves, seals and service

Dwyer Instruments Inc. - For a broad range of measuring and control instruments

Electric Motors
- Search for a variety of suppliers using the IQS Directory at Industrial Quick Search Inc.

Elmac Technologies - Manufacturer of flame arresters, venting equipment, explosion prevention products, pressure and vacuum valves.
Enardo - Manufacturer of safety and environmental vapor control products, including flame arrestors.
Ethanol Dehydrators - MacWelch L.L. C. - For user-friendly molecular-sieve ethanol dehydrators

Ethanol Technology Inc. - Develops, produces, and markets a range of products and services for alcohol production - New name: Lallemand Ethanol Technology Inc.
Lallemand Ethanol Technology Institute Inc. - Serving the industry with educational activities such as The Alcohol School, the Alcohol Times Newsletter, The Alcohol Textbook - New name: Lallemand Ethanol Technology Institute Inc.
E.V.A GmbH -Traders and consultants on condensed molasses solubles (CMS), vinasse and other molasses-fermentation byproducts
Fabryka Maszyn Spozywczych "SPOMASZ" Pleszew S.A. - For equipment and installation for agricultural, fruit and industrial distilleries, spirit rectification and dehydration
Fagen Inc. - Designers and builders of fuel-ethanol plants 
Fermentec - For technical assistance in yeast identification and propagation
Ferm Solutions Inc. - "A leading research, product development and service provider to the fuel ethanol industry."
Finish Thompson Inc. - Pumps and recycling systems
  Finolex Tubes and Fittings - India. Specializes in the manufacturing of corrosion-resistance stainless steel products.
Fisher Scientific Laboratory Supplies - "The world leader in serving science"
Flavormatic Industries, Inc. - Worldwide supplier of flavors, extracts and blenders for the alcoholic beverage industry.
Formeco - Producing distillation systems for recovery of solvents, including ethanol
Forsyths - Fabricators of distillation equipment
Foxboro - "The only automation supplier you'll ever need"
Fragasa Construcciones Industriales - Spain. Designers and constructors of multi column distillation and rectification systems
Heinrich Frings GmbH&CoKG - Manufacturers of high-efficiency, yeast propagation equipment
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Incorporated - Manufacturers of revolving jets for tank cleaning
GEA Wiegand GmbH - Germany. Supplier of complete plants and components for the production of beverage alcohol and fuel ethanol
Genencor International - Suppliers of enzyme products
GenTech Scientific Inc. - "Your best source for recycled analytical equipment"
Gert Strand AB - Sweden. "Turbo Yeast", ingredients and supplies for the brewing and distilling industry, .
Gist Brocades - Suppliers of yeast, enzyme products and antibiotics


Global Resource Solutions - providing world-wide recruiting services for the distilling industry.
Gorman-Rupp Pumps - "The Pump Experts"
Grace Davison - Manufacturers of molecular-sieve adsorbent beads with the highest moisture capacity ratings

Graham Manufacturing Co., Inc.
- Manufacturers of spiral heat exchangers

Green Engineering srl - Italy. Engineering company specializing in the design and constuction of alcohol plants.

Hammertek Corporation - For the "Smart Elbow"
Haarmann & Reimer - Producers of high-quality essences and flavors for liqueurs. Now under new name of SYMRISE Inc. after merger with Dragoco.
Heat Exchangers - Search for a variety of suppliers using the IQS Directory at Industrial Quick Search Inc. - for online purchasing of spare parts for all types and makes of plate heat exchangers
Hemco Industries Inc. - Manufacturers of access platforms for loading tank trucks and railtankers. Supplier of OPW loading arms
Edward Holstein - Eriskirch, Bodensee, Germany. Fabricators of a range of small, high-quality distillation units
Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control
ICM Inc. - Supplier of process technology, equipment, and turn-key plants for the ethanol industry
ICIS-LOR - For information on the pricing of ethanol and other commodities worldwide
Ingersoll-Rand - Manufacturers of rotary, reciprocating and centrifugal types of oil-free air compressors
Interline Resources Corporation - Suppliers of natural gasoline for fuel-ethanol denaturation
ITEC Refining and Marketing Company Ltd - Ethanol marketing, supply and distribution both in the US and internationally
IQS Directory - Industrial Quick Search Inc. - Comprehensive manufacturers directory. Find leading industrial manufacturing companies, suppliers and distributors by category.
Jacob Carl GmbH - Fabricator of potstills and column stills
Jamesbury Inc. - A major manufacturer of industrial valves

Kairos Global LLC - Spirits aging technology for the 21st Century - manufacturers of "Allegro"

Kam Controls Inc. - Manufacturers of KAM static mixers for molasses dilution, etc.
Katzen International Inc - The world's leading designers of distillation systems
Kimble/Kontes - 150 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of laboratory glassware

Kingsman - The world's largest physical sugar brokerage company, price reporting, and detailed market analysis. In early 2002, the company entered the ethanol marketplace.

KmX Chemical Corporation - New Church, Virginia. Processing facility to recycle ethanol and other chemicals. Capabilities include distillation, evaporation and dehydration utilizing both molecular sieves and state-of-the-art membrane systems.
Komax Systems Inc. - Manufacturers of in-line static mixers for the dilution of molasses and numerous other applicatons
Labno Environmental Inc. - Environmental consultants with extensive experience of permit requirements for ethanol plants 
Lab Safety Supply Inc.
LACTROL - PhibroChem / Ethanol Performance Group (EPG) - Markets LACTROL antimicrobial which is a cost effective management tool for controlling bacterial contamination during ethanol fermentation. This results in a higher alcohol yield and profits for our customers. Our parent company, Phibro Animal Health is the worlds sole manufacturer of virginiamycin, the active ingredient in LACTROL antimicrobial.
Lallemand Inc. - For custom preparation of active dry yeast

Lallemand Ethanol Technology Inc. - Develops, produces, and markets a range of products and services for alcohol production
Lallemand Ethanol Technology Institute Inc. - Serving the industry with educational activities such as The Alcohol School, the Alcohol Times Newsletter, The Alcohol Textbook
Lightnin - Mixers and agitators. Manufacturers of static mixers for molasses dilution

Lipten Company - A construction and engineering company specializing in generation of electricity and process steam as well as water treatment 
Louisville Drying Machinery - DDG dryers
Marley Cooling Tower
McMaster - Carr Supply Co. - "250,000 products ready to ship"
M-E-C Company - DDG dryers
Metro Pride L.L.C. For various grades of ethanol and a wide range of chemicals, solvents, flavor and fragrance materials.
Mettler Toledo - For "worry-free measurement"
Midland Research Laboratories Inc. - Supplying chlorine-dioxide generation equipment for use in bacteria control in fermentations, etc.
MM Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd. - India. Supplier of biogas plants for treatment of distillery effluent, spent wash, vinasse, etc.

Modular Access Systems LLC
- Supplying truck and railcar loading racks and fall protection systems.
MRW Technologies Inc. - Manufacturers of flares for ethanol loadout, terminal flares, and thermal oxidizers
MSA - Mine Safety Appliances Company - For gas-monitoring systems and other safety equipment
Paul Mueller Company - Manufacturers of stainless-steel process equipment
Murtagh & Associates - Consultants on all aspects of alcohol production, from beverage and industrial to fuel applications

MXI Inc. - Abingdon, Virginia. Recycling waste products to recover ethanol.

National Instruments - Instrumentation Web - The Internet home for instrumentation information
Niro Inc. - Manufacturers of spray dryers, evaporators, heat exchangers, etc.
Norit - Activated carbon for vodka filtration
Novozymes A.S.  - Suppliers of enzyme products
Omega Engineering Inc. - Everything for process measurement and control
OPIS/STALSBY Directories - Thousands of updated key contacts for the distribution, supply, trading/brokering of petrochemicals, natural gas, and wholesale petroleum supply in the U.S. & Europe
Pall Corporation - Manufacturers of sintered-metal mesh diffusers and porous metal aerators for aerobic propagation of yeast 
Papailias Inc. - Inline visual flow indicators
Parallel Products - Rancho Cucamonga CA, and Louisville KY. Over 20 years experience in recylcing ethyl alcohol.
  Paul Mueller Company - Manufacturers of stainless-steel process equipment
Penberthy Inc. - Precision level monitoring instrumentation for process-control applications
PESCO of Virginia - Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company
PhibroChem / Ethanol Performance Group (EPG) - Markets LACTROL antimicrobial which is a cost effective management tool for controlling bacterial contamination during ethanol fermentation. This results in a higher alcohol yield and profits for our customers. Our parent company, Phibro Animal Health is the worlds sole manufacturer of virginiamycin, the active ingredient in LACTROL antimicrobial.
Pieralisi Centrifuges - Offering a full spectrum of centrifugation solutions
Planalcool - For the most efficient molecular-sieve units for ethanol dehydration
Pollutech International Limited - Oakville, Ontario, Canada, providing environmental-engineering services to the distilling industry
Praxair - "The world's largest suppliers of carbon dioxide"
Princo Instruments Inc.- Manufacturers of Densitrol on-line, alcohol-proof meters
Process Engineering Associates - a specialized chemical engineering firm providing process design services.
Product Information Network of the American Chemical Society - For information on equipment, chemical supplies etc.
Prohama B.V. - Marketers of cane and beet molasses
ProSonix Corporation - Specializes in providing Direct Steam Injection Heating for starch slurry heating in jet cooker, starch cooking, wet milling, and ethanol production
Protectoseal Company - For flame arrestors and other safety products
R.C. Pharmachem - Manufacturers of "Bitron" brand of denatonium benzoate for denaturation of alcohol 
RdF Corporation - Specialists in temperature and heat flow management
Resonant BioSciences LLC - A global technology company manufacturing and marketing PureMash technology, which provides automated, non-antibiotic-based microbial protection and control solutions for the fuel ethanol, beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing, and cellulosic ethanol industries.
Richard Gahagan - Regulatory Consultant, Beverage Alcohol
Ronning Engineering Company Inc. - Specializing in the engineering of direct-fired rotary dryers for distillers dried grains 
SGE - Chromatography supplies
Saab Tank Control - The leader in the radar tank gauge industry
Safe Harbor - Tanker loading platforms
SALOF Refrigeration Co. - Designs and builds CO2 liquefaction systems
Sartorius - Balances and scales, "for all your laboratory weighing needs"
Sepcor, Inc. - Provides a variety of adsorbents including activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieves and activated carbons
Siemens Moore Process Automation Inc - For process-automation solutions
  Siemens Water Technologies - provides water treatment systems and services.
Skolnik - Manufacturer of carbon steel drums and stainless steel drums for highly valued contents. From custom wine barrels to drums for hazardous materials (hazmat) and dangerous goods - a leader in specialty packaging.
Smith & Loveless, Inc. - For wastewater treatment equipment
Solartron Mobrey - Manufacturers of the original "Rotameter" variable area flowmeter 
Sondex, Inc. USA - Manufacturer of plate and frame heat exchangers, free flow plate heat exchangers, etc.
Specialty Components Inc. - Manufacturers of replacement pump parts
Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products - Largest variety of laboratory supplies and chemicals. Find laboratory equipment and supplies from over 200 name-brand manufactures.
SPL International - Specialises in the manufacture and supply of yeast, yeast nutrients and enzymes for the bio-ethanol industry.
Spraying Systems Co. - The world's leading manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles
Stainless Fabrication Inc. - A custom manufacturer of both shop and field fabricated stainless steel vessels and processing equipment.
Stevenson-Reeves Ltd. - Hydometers and thermometers for the brewing and distilling industry. Established over 200 years.
Supelco - Chromatography products (Sigma-Aldrich)
SwissCombi - Developers of the odorless EcoDry system for drying distillers grains
Systematic Controls Corporation - A major supplier to the industrial control market worldwide. Manufacturer of level switches, level and pressure transmitters, temperature tansmitters and special devices, valve automation, pH measurement and control, etc. - Supplying the homebrewer with enzymes and a library of free information on ethanol production
Thomas Register of U.S. Manufacturers - For everything from thermometers to bulldozers
Thomas Regional - Your industrial search engine
TIGG Corporation - Providers of activated carbon, remediation equipment, custom systems, solutions and services for industrial process applications.
Titanium Metal Supply Inc. - Supplies titanium mill products to the metal finishing industries including aerospace, architectural, automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, industrial, marine, oil, and others.
The Tokheim Company - Manufacturers of flame arrestors for alcohol tanks and condenser vents
Tomsa Destil S.L. - Madrid, Spain. Designers and constructors of distillation and rectification systems 
Tornado Technologies Inc. - Manufactures flame arrestors, etc.
TR-Metro Chemicals Inc. Now called Metro Pride LLC. - For various grades of ethanol and a wide range of chemicals, solvents, flavor and fragrance materials.
The Trade Alliance Inc. -  Dealers in quality used laboratory equipment
Tranter Inc.
W.S. Tyler - Screens for particle-size analysis of grain meal, etc.
UEM Group - International company specializing in water and wastewater treatment for distilleries. UEM has complete capabilities in the engineering, design, manufacturing, supply, installation, maintenance and financing of water and wastewater systems and biogas plants for distillery effluents and has completed over 45 plants worldwide with guaranteed results. Contact: Hemang Shah, Sr. Vice President:
U.N.G.D.A. - Union Nationale des Groupements de Distillateurs d'Alcool (French National Federation of Alcohol Distillers Associations). U.N.G.D.A. operates an internationally recognized, independent, third-party reference laboratory for the chemical analysis and organoleptic quality assessment of alcohol shipments. Frequently specified as the quality arbiter in international sales contracts.
Union Engineering - Designers and fabricators of carbon dioxide recovery equipment
United Bio Energy, LLC - Offering general management and marketing services to fuel-ethanol plants

Valley Equipment Company - For new electric motors, motor-control centers, industrial drives, and remanufactured process equipment
Valley Research - Supplier of enzymes, yeast foods and antimicrobials.
Valtorc International - USA-made valves and actuators for gas and oil use
  Varec, Inc. - Tank gauging and inventory management systems
Varec Europe - Tank gauging and inventory management systems
Varian, Inc - Chromatography systems
Vee Gee Scientific - Laboratory equipment. Supplies of hydrometers, brix refractometers, microscopes, etc. 
Vendome Copper and Brass Works Inc. - For high-quality distillation columns, in all types of metals
Vogelbusch GmbH - For bioprocess technology
Waters Corporation - For Alliance HPLC systems
Western Titanium - Supplier of titanium mill products to machine shops, fabricators, prime contractors and sub-contractors for aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical, oceanographic, oil & gas, semiconductor, recreational and other industries worldwide.
  Whessoe Varec - Legacy tank gauging
Wire Cloth - Search for a variety of suppliers using the IQS Directory at Industrial Quick Search Inc.
Witteman Company Inc. - Designers and fabricators of carbon dioxide recovery equipment
Yokogawa Corporation of America - "Leadership in Process Automation"
Yokota Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - Manufactures patented pumps and valves including hygienic pumps, defoaming & degassing equipment, enhanced self-priming pumps, automatic control valves, etc.
Zeochem - Louisville, Kentucky. Producers of molecular-sieve adsorbents for use in drying ethanol  

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