Fuel-Ethanol Distillery Sections for sale
Louisiana, USA

60 million gallons per year

To be sold and removed:-

(Original design: 42 million-gallons-per-year fuel ethanol, but with modern enzymes and yeast would expect 60 MGPY.)

Plant operated for only 11 months, before shutdown. All equipment intact.
Plant completed in 1988, shutdown and "mothballed" in 1989, with electric power left on to protect all electrical components.

Corn Milling; Liquefaction & Saccharifiction; Fermentation 4.5 million gallons; Distillation & Dehydration; Drafts Drying; Spent Wash Concentration; D.D.G.S. Concentration; Biological Treatment;Alcohol Storage; Auxiliary Products Storage; D.D.G.S. Storage; Instrument Air Production; Coal Storage and Handling; Steam Generation (from Coal); Ash Removal; Steam Generation (from Fuel Oil or Natural Gas); Water Pumping; Water Treatment; Electricity Generation.

Plant was built by SPECHEM. All process components are Stainlees Steel. Bulk of the plant was built in France to refinery specs. All piping is US standard and electricity has remained connected since shutdown. Plant is clean and open for inspection. All the engineering drawings and files are available. All documentation for each piece of equipment. A complete inventory can be provided to interested parties. Also spare parts. Built similar to a refinery with all major equipment items being duplicated for ease of maintainence and plant availability.


For further information, please contact: John Paul
e-mail: john_paul@ameritech.net
Telephone: +1-815-482-6701


The following aerial photographs were taken right after Hurricane Katrina (7/27/05). The plant survived the storm in fine condition, with no damage,
as it was built to refinery specifications.

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