Distillery / Fuel-Ethanol Related Newsletters, Magazines and Other Publications

The Alcohol Textbook
A reference book for the beverage, fuel and industrial alcohol industries. Making useful and vital information accessible, to meet the needs of all levels of management in the industry. It includes an extensive, detailed glossary of technical terms used in the industry, to make the technical language of the textbook more understandable. Fourth edition, published in November 2003 contains 446 pages and fully-searchable CD Rom.
Alternative Fuels Index
The AFI covers news and pricing for seven of the US Dept of Energy approved alternative fuels including biodiesel and ethanol.
It is published by the Energy Management Institute

Biofuels Business
An international magazine for the biofuels industry. Magazine, website, digital magazine, e-newsletters.

BioFuels Journal
A trade magazine started in 2003, providing news and information for the ethanol and biofuels industries.
Brewing and Distilling International ("BDI")
Reporting on technical, trade and marketing developments for over 130 years. Magazine published bi-monthly in London. Internet site content is based on both the bdi journal and the bdi email newsletter. This has now been taken over by The Institute of Brewing & Distilling ("IBD")
The Brewer and Distiller International the members' magazine of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Contact the editor at
This website brings together three essential publications: Drinks International, Wine & Spirit International and Drinks Bulletin, plus all the information formerly contained in the Wine & Spirits International Yearbook (which was launched in 1898).
Die Branntweinwirtschaft (in German)
Newsletter/magazine published twice monthly for the brandy, spirits, vinegar and yeast industries.
Ethanol Producer Magazine
A monthly magazine for the fuel-ethanol and biomass industry, focusing on production and marketing issues. Published by BBI International Inc., Colorado, U.S.A.
The Ethanol Statistics - Monthly Market Review
The Ethanol Statistics - Monthly Market Review is a new monthly publication in the ethanol industry, aimed at business and financial professionals that wish to be informed about the latest developments in their market. Recognizing the international context of the industry, the MMR covers the latest developments in the all important regions, from the United States and Brazil, to Europe, Asia and Africa.
Ethanol Today
The official magazine of the American Coalition for Ethanol. Published monthly. Ethanol Today features in-depth coverage of state and federal legislation, petroleum and ethanol industry news, profiles of people and businesses, production updates, the latest in technology, and much more. This widely-circulated publication highlights the people, policies, and projects that are driving the industry.
F.O. Licht's World Distilleries Guide 2004/5
The only Directory and Guide to the international distilling industry. Over 4000 distillery listings from 144 countries, including company name and address, phone and fax number, e-mail and web address, contact names, parent/subsidiary holding companies, number of employees, distillery name and address, feedstocks used, products, main brands produced, capacity and operational status. Also includes worldwide alcohol trade statistics, an analysis and outlook for the world's fuel-ethanol market, together with a comprehensive glossary of technical terms.
F.O. Licht's World Ethanol and Biofuels Report
Providing the most up-to-date analysis for producers, processors, consumers and traders. Giving a comprehensive review of the current state of the industry worldwide. Subscribers get instant access to the latest world-market news on the Internet.
F.O. Licht's World Molasses and Feed Ingredients Report
Unrivalled reporting and analysis on international trade, world prices, production, consumption, company news and import-export statistics. Subscribers get instant access to the latest world-market news on the Internet.
International Sugar Journal
The world's oldest and most respected publication in the international sugar industry.
The Journal of the Institute of Brewing the renowned scientific journal published by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.
Sugar Journal
Covering the world's sugar industry since 1938. Primary emphasis is given to technical articles on new developments in the sugar industry. Includes occasional articles on the molasses-alcohol industry.
Wine and Spirits
The practical guide to wines and spirits. Magazine published monthly in New York.
World Ethanol Markets, The Outlook to 2015
A major new study available from F.O. Licht, published May 2006. Many graphs and tables, together with expert analysis. Essential reading for all involved in the ethanol industry.

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