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We are inviting letters of interest in a sale, merger, possible joint venture, or other areas of mutual benefit and cooperation, concerning:

A prominent, closely-held company established in 1934, based near Tehran, Iran, manufacturing and bottling ethanol and vinegar. The distillery formerly produced Smirnoff vodka and other major brands of beverage products under license. The production facilities of 15,000 square meters are located on a 100 hectare estate, about 30 miles east of Tehran.

The distillery produces 12,000 litres of 96°GL pure, rectified neutral spirit per 24 hours. Some of the neutral spirit is converted to vinegar in a modern stainless-steel, oxidative-fermentation unit. The remainder of the neutral spirit is bottled for sale to hospitals and industrial users, and for export to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The ethanol production equipment includes a feed sterilization tank, a yeast starter tank, two yeast propagators, 12 fermenters, each of 28,000 litres capacity, and a French-built, 5-column distillation and rectification system.

The distillery normally uses beet and cane molasses as feedstock, but facilities are also available for using grain, including a grain cleaner, a mill and a cooking system.

The bottling plant has automatic equipment for bottling ethanol and vinegar, at a rate of 3,000 bottles per hour.

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